Organizations such as association, foundation or platform all emerge as a result of a need; a need that exists but not met yet and demands for closing this gap. The Local Equality Monitoring Platforms too was the outcome of the need for a mechanism that would make it possible to monitor public policies and services in each city with a gender equality perspective. Civil society organizations, academies, professional organizations, trade unions and relevant units of local governments in project provinces are the major constituents of these platforms. Monitoring platforms have two major functions: • Preparing and ensuring the sustainability of Local Equality Monitoring Plans • Creating partnerships, in the context of gender equality, discussing the city and commons. The Platform will ensure the development of local monitoring plans, reporting the outcomes of monitoring work, and sharing these outcomes with relevant agencies and the public. Sustained monitoring work will contribute to the delivery viable services that are sensitive to differences and differing needs. It will create an awareness through which the city is discussed and assessed with references to gender equality. This awareness will strengthen the understanding that the Local Equality Monitoring Plan developed by the platform is that of the city-province as a whole rather than any specific organization, institution, municipality or CSO. As a ground for joint work, the platform is expected to be instrumental in building awareness among stakeholders in what they have in common regarding the city. The Local Equality Monitoring Platforms also provide an important instrument for different stakeholders in the city in sharing their experiences and learning together. Experience sharing is one of the preconditions of ensuring cooperation and coordination. The Local Equality Monitoring Platforms will play their role in mainstreaming gender equality at local level by bringing the issue of gender equality in local agenda and engaging in activities to promote equality.
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